Thank You for choosing Mapitare app. Mapitare, powered with the new generation offline vector map engine, guarantees top performance, trustworthiness, easy usability and map data updates. App is suited for critical use and high accuracy tasks.

Mapping source data used in Mapitare are only the high accuracy official material provided by finnish authorities. The dataset consists of over 90 million details which you can download into Your device for offline use. When using the map where-ever you move You are not dependant on internet connection. In Mapitare the source data is presented in its original accuracy, the accuracy the data is produced for.

Mapitare apps give You the possibility to move safely in Finland using the up-to-date mapping. The other apps and devices are not any more needed, cause You have the most precise information within Your phone or tablet.

Unless Mapitare apps are designed to use minimally battery, keep the charger and power banks with You to ensure the ultimate mapping experience in wilderness or at sea.

Mapitare offers you possibility to save your POIs, lines and tracks. When you save them, you name them and they shall be searchable items immediately. Mapitare apps show You where You are and which route you should go. Use Mapitare to plan Your trips and to perform Your tasks on the map.

Under the hood of Mapitare there is over 10 years of experience of security sector mapping requirements. We are proud to offer our experience of critical environments and to provide next generation solution for public use.

We hope You good experiences, safe travels and good working performance where-ever you move in Finland!

Petri Särkisaari



Changing the View

To move the map, drag it with one finger.
Tap the map to see coordinates.

Coordinates are copied to clipboard every time you tap the map so You can easily paste them to emails or text messages.

To zoom in or out, pinch it. When You zoom close to a symbol the App tells you the legend of the symbol. (excluded stones and the bed of reeds).

To measure distance and direction between two points, just select two points simultaneously.

Finding Yourself

To locate yourself, tap the GPS button on the bottom-right corner of the screen. GPS button turns blue when it is acquiring position.
Your position is displayed centered on the screen. If you drag the map, the centering is paused. If You want centering on again, tap the GPS button again.
Your position is displayed as a blue ball on the map.

If your location cannot be determined immediately, text “Waiting for GPS data” is displayed. Location accuracy is shown with an see-through circle around the position marker. Naturally the accuracy circle is only seen when you zoom in close and when the accuracy is not exact.

Electronic Compass

If you don't move an arrow shows the direction where you watch. Remember that the electronic compass is not very trustworthy, accuracy depending much of device. When you move the direction arrow is defined according to moving vector, which is much more reliable method.

Showing the moved path

The app shows a path where you have moved lately. The shown tail is drawn according to the latest 5 points which have a minimum difference of 20 meters.
The centering is not exact but the app calculates in which direction you are moving and shows a little bit more of your future location on the screen.
To end the positioning, tap GPS button again. It turns white and positioning is deactivated. This also saves your battery.

Mapitare app features

hides buttons by default. To toggle between show and hide the buttons just tap the screen once for a second.

Button appearance: The activated buttons are shown in red and deactivated buttons in green. If an active function is on, the button is red, like during POI saving or tracking function. GPS positioning is active blue.

Mapitare settings

Mapitare settings are opened with setting button. This shows you the setting categories which are for drawing settings, map style, text size, export POIs and tracks, downloading the maps and the user manual.

drawing settings are to set anti-aliased drawing or default (quick) drawing. If you have a device with performance we recommend you the anti-aliased drawing. It provides you an even smoother view than default quick drawing. You can also control drawing settings for in-app purchases and areal coverages.

In Map Style You can select how Mapitare displays the map depending how and where you use it. The default view is for outdoor activities and terrain contours are emphasized.

The night view is namely for navigation, orienteering or other activities in the dark. The view does not blind you from seeing the nature around you and you still can compare details of the map to what you see around. That’s anyway the main thing and Mapitare just supports You with the ultimate experience.

The city view is designed for moving in urban surroundings. The human made constructions are not overshadowed by contours of nature, but they still are recognisable.

In text settings you can choose between three text sizes.

setting displays you a view where you can select parts of the map to be loaded to your device or attached mass memory. Total finnish map dataset requires about 8GB of memory. All parts are not mandatory to be downloaded, but recommended.

This users manual is opened with browser. Your device will ask you for to select which application (browser) to use for reading


Mapitare gives you possibility to search for an addresses or POIs you have stored. Stored details include your points, lines and tracks. Tap the address or POI search buttons to bring up the keyboard. Immediately when you type in three characters Mapitare shows you the closest search results, which you can tap to select the wanted result or you can scroll the result list up and down. You can continue typing to define the wanted criteria.

Buttons of the Search functions:

You can send data from your POI list to Your friends. Requirement to You is that You have defined an email box where from You can send email and Your friend has capability to receive the data is GPX format to read in to an app or a device.

If you press an item on the POI list for a second, Mapitare presents you possibility to export the item as a GPX file in a mail.

You can also easily receive GPX files. If you a GPX file in a mail, You can transfer to Mapitare simply by opening an attached file with Mapitare.


You will find the received GPX file data in Your POI list.

You can also find a place by typing in the coordinates to the POI list search field. You’ll just type in f.ex. “N 7377706 E 4422208” ie. coordinates in ETRS-TM35FIN metric cartesian coordinates.

Save a POI

To save a POI first tap the pin button. This function is activated and the pin turns red. Now you can pinpoint anything on the map by pressing a position on the map for a second. If you want to save a line you can go on pinpointing more points, the app draws you a line between point.

To correct the on-going drawing You can delete the last drawn point by pressing it again for a second.

When you want to save Your data, tap the pin button again and Mapitare will ask You for the name for POI.


To start recording your track, tap the track button on the screen.

The track button changes its color to red to imply the tracking is on. The app draws your route on the map.

To end tracking, tap tracking again. The app asks you to enter a name for the track or to waste the track permanently with Cancel selection.

Map Lock

Locking the map is designed for active moving. Locking prevents actions of unwanted taps or other touches on the screen to zoom or to change centering of the map during exercise. You can examine map, but after You stop actively moving the map it returns to centered tracking mode.

Locking the map has to map modes: grid north and heading up. This mode is changed by tapping the lock button shortly.

Heading up mode keeps actively symbols on the map readable and turns them in relationship to the looking angle.

Grid North Heading Up

Locking the map can be deactivated by pressing the lock for couple of seconds.

Facts of search results

Search results are presented in alphabetic order. Data includes all the addresses and placenames in Finland.